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AaviGen's mission is to provide solutions for cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary gene therapies becoming an integral part of future clinical care.

AaviGen is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of curative gene therapies for genetic and acquired cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary diseases. Its lead program employs heart-specific recombinant Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAV) to bring therapeutic genes with unprecedented safety and precision to the diseased heart via a simple one-time intravenous injection. In executing on its program, AaviGen builds on the expertise and track record of its interdisciplinary leadership team. The company brings together leading knowledge in clinical cardiology & pneumology, virology & genetic vector engineering as well as gene therapy medicinal product development.

Leadership Team

Prof. Patrick Most, CEO

Prof. Patrick Most


Dr. Martin Busch, COO

Dr. Martin Busch


Prof. Dirk Grimm, CSO

Prof. Dirk Grimm


Prof. Marc Lerchenmueller, CFO

Prof. Marc Lerchenmueller


Prof. Hugo Katus, CMO

Prof. Hugo Katus




Our modern Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) capsid engineering platform provides human organ-specific AAV-based vectors meeting the needs of precision medicine.


Our heart-specific vectors deliver therapeutic genes to human myocardial cells, targeting the molecular and genetic foundation of cardiovascular diseases.


Exclusive cardiac vector tropism promises simple intravenous delivery, making curative gene therapies equally available to inpatients and outpatients.


Prevention of extra-cardiac gene delivery enables low-dose systemic treatments, thus minimizing side effects and maximizing safety for all patient groups.

Genetic and Acquired Heart Failure

Heart failure is the endpoint of multiple cardiovascular diseases and the most common cause of death and morbidity in the Western world. It is defined as the inability of the heart to support the body with sufficient oxygen. More than 1.8 mio patients in Germany and more than 26 mio patients in the industrialized world are suffering from heart failure today. While the numbers of patients are increasing, they all share a common fate: With the exception of heart transplantation, which is only available to less than 0.001 % of all patients, there is currently no causative treatment and cardiologists are left to treating symptoms only. Once patients are diagnosed with heart failure, the 5-year survival rate is only about 50 %. AaviGen decided to step up and target this unmet medical need by developing of disruptive and curative gene therapies for heart failure.


2020-12-22 AaviGen raises 5 million € in first financing round to launch development of precision gene therapies for heart failure


We are currently expanding our team and looking for scientists and technicians to support our research and development team. If you are interested in development of curative precision gene therapies for genetic and acquired cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary diseases, please send us your application including all relevant certificates, a concise CV, as well as relevant reference letters. Please find more details below.


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